Ho Kwong Kee Metal Manufactory Co. Ltd.

Ho Kwong Kee Metal Manufacturing, Co. Ltd.

is one of the largest, most reputable and recognizable manufacturer and exporter of metal housewares and giftware in Hong Kong since early 1950's.


Ho Kwong Kee's headquarters is located at the Tokwawan district of the beautiful city of Hong Kong. It has permanent showrooms and conference facilities. A large selection of new and classic designs is available in the following product lines: Bathroom accessories: soap dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush holder, cotton ball canister, cotton swab canister, comb and brush holder, bowl brush canister, tissue box, waste basket, toilet paper canister, etc. Beverage accessories: coffee cups, coffee glasses, mugs, beer mugs, tea pot, coffee cafe, milk and sugar set, etc. Kitchen and table-top wares: canister, salt and pepper set, condiment set, butter plate, paper towel stand, colander, fruit bowl, wire basket, trivet, gallery tray, fondue set, hot pot, kitchen tools set, lemon press, oil jug, warmer, ash tray, candle holder, napkin rings, grinder, etc. Garden wares: flower planter, flower pot, vase, watering can, etc. Pictures of our most popular items are shown on our web sites. For other items and full product catalog, please contact our sales representatives. Our design team is also available to assist customers with new designs and original OEM specifications. You can e-mail us your product requirement and specification, and we will gladly work with you to develop appropriate quotations.

Manufacturing Facilities

The main manufacturing facilities are located at the Wai Tam Woo Industrial Area of Wai Yeung in the Canton Providence of China. Skillful workers are well versed in various modeling and production techniques. The management team has invested in the technology and reliable machinery to enhance product quality and streamlined production process to reduce production time.


Ho Kwong Kee has several large warehouses in Hong Kong and in China to entertain large volume of goods. A team of dedicated drivers transports loads and containers between our manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and seaports to ensure safe shipment and prompt delivery.

Business Partners

Ho Kwong Kee has a preferred supplier program to manage relationships with its suppliers and sub-contracting companies. Steps are taken to ensure high quality materials are used to produce the finest end products. Ho Kwong Kee also works with a network of subcontractors as needed to meet any special customer needs.

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